Industrial & Infrastructure Services Fund

About the Fund

The mandate of Newlook Capital’s Industrial and Infrastructure Services Fund is to develop a strong and synergistic portfolio of investments in industrial services companies that have the following characteristics: technical service revenue of a recurring nature that assures code compliance; strong and reliable historic net revenues, and operating cash flow positive; experienced and committed management; senior technical talent; and growing addressable markets.

Businesses Across Canada
and the United States

Fund Scope





What Our Industrial & Infrastructure Services Fund Generally Looks For

  • Industrial & Infrastructure Service Companies
  • Control Positions With a Focus on Sustainability
  • Strong Partners Who Retain Equity
  • Companies That Have a Strong Strategic Position
  • Investment Size Between $1m and $25m
  • Component of Revenue From a Recurring Service
  • Strong and Reliable Historic Net Revenues
  • Operating Cash Flow Positive

Portfolio Companies

Recently Exited

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Why Industrial

Industrial and infrastructure service companies may hold appeal for some investors due to their essential role in supporting societal functions and economies. These sectors often feature recurring revenue models, offering stability and predictability in cash flows. Additionally, the specialized nature of industrial and infrastructure services may create barriers to entry, fostering a competitive advantage and potential for long-term growth and profitability.

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