Newlook Capital Industrial Services Fund

Industrial Services Fund

The mandate of Newlook Capital’s Industrial Services Fund is to develop a strong and synergistic portfolio of investments in industrial services companies that have the following characteristics: technical service revenue of a recurring nature that assures code compliance; strong and reliable historic net revenues, and operating cash flow positive; experienced and committed management; senior technical talent; and growing addressable markets.

Newlook Capital Dental Fund

Dental Fund

As in all of its investments, Newlook Capital has partnered with a strong Operating Partner in this space, leading to an investment platform of 11 dental practises managed from a central headquarters. By consolidating independent practises under one roof, efficiencies can be found that lead to greater scalability and profitability. The mandate is to continue to search out profitable, well-run practises across Canada and bring them under the Newlook Dental Fund umbrella, with a Fund target of approximately 50 practises.