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we target exceptional businesses with a history of generating positive cash flow
Long Term Growth
we believe that a reoccurring revenue model and a strong, diversified client base increases potential for future value creation
investors are paid a preferred distribution, operating partners maintain minority equity, Newlook management invests behind investors

Our Story

Humble roots in the Canadian Prairies formed both the character and the strategies by which Newlook Capital invests. Our team: visionary, persistent, and aligned. Our investments: niche, resilient, luminary.

Investing throughout Canada and the United States with a preference for companies that exhibit a solid tangible assets base, Newlook Capital is focused on, and current holdings include, industrial services in Canada and the United States and dental practices in Canada.

Newlook Capital seeks businesses that enjoy a distinct competitive advantage or have an established position in an industry that exhibits barriers to entry. Consolidation opportunities are of particular interest to us. NLC targets acquisitions with earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) between $1 million and $5 million.

Meet the Team

our main goal –

We Are Invested

Newlook Capital (NLC) is actively involved in all of its investments. Through operating their own business ventures, NLC partners have gained years of experience and expertise that translates into strong transactional and operational proficiency. NLC is focused on finding exceptional businesses that are sound investments and have the potential for growth and further value creation. NLC also believes that a reoccurring revenue model and a strong, diversified client base are characteristics that lead to quality, value-added acquisitions.