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Diversified and robust portfolio


Private Equity Real Estate Investment

Clear Sky Capital is a provider of private equity investment in the real estate sector. Headquartered in Phoenix Arizona, the firm’s expertise is in multifamily real estate and limited service hotels with superior local and regional market knowledge.

Clear Sky Capital seeks investment opportunities in markets that are under served or imbalanced with respect to capital availability and real estate fundamentals. The firm specializes in identifying and acquiring undervalued commercial properties in select markets at any given time.

Finding creative solutions to complex situations with an entrepreneurial investment approach, helps the firm to create incremental value for it’s partners and clients.

Electronics Manufacturing Services

Urtech Manufacturing is a provider of end-to-end Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) to global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) specializing in, but not limited to, the Broadcast and Energy markets.

Urtech Manufacturing’s services extend over the entire product life cycle of high-tech electronics from the introduction of new products through to growth, maturity and end-of-life phases of manufacturing services.

Through automation, reduced logistics cost, reduced materials cost and know-how acquired during 40 years of experience in the high tech electronics design and manufacturing industry, Urtech offers local manufacturing services to North American companies at competitive rates that are comparable to low cost geographies.

Urtech has been nominated for the Burlington Chamber of Commerce Manufacturer of the year.


North American Freight Solutions

What does it mean for CrossDock to work as an extension of your business? It means we know enough about your company we could work there. It means our cell phones stay on over the weekend. It means we are constantly making improvements in our training, communication, and technology. It means we get it.

CrossDock Freight Systems is your premium LTL service carrier. We can move your freight between any two points in North America. Whether your needs are local deliveries, cross-border shipments, or a major distribution program, we will do it and do it well. Here, we don’t believe in answers, we believe in solutions. And each customer requires a new blueprint.


Specialized Neuro Testing

NLC realized on this investment in 2010. Archer was a medical diagnostic company operating in Rochester, NY. It was sold to a publicly traded company.


Gas Detection & Monitoring

Right from our Alberta grassroots beginning 26 years ago, MultiGas and Reltech has been service-driven. This means that the customer’s unique application, energy, and safety requirements come first. The caliber of equipment maintenance and service that all of our technicians possess has produced a company known for outstanding customer service and quality assurance.

Our standard of excellence has also resulted in manufacturers Honeywell, Armstrong, QEL, and Airtest designating us their factory representatives for Western Canada.

MultiGas is now the leading gas detection service provider in Canada with service capability and offices in Edmonton, Calgary and Mississauga.

Senior Care Homes

Newcare was a consolidation of senior care homes that began in 2003 and then a sale to realize profit in 2012.


New Taste

New Taste Partners inc. is a Quick Service Restaurant investment fund that provides income and growth. As its initial investment the fund has plans to purchase five La Prep locations in institutional settings such as hospitals and medical centres.



Newlook is a major partner in the Area Development for Meinekie in the City of Phoenix AZ and currently operates 9 locations.


Direct Elevator

Direct Elevator Service Ltd. provides maintenance and modernization service for commercial and multi family residential applications. They have served the greater Toronto area for over 10 years.


True Canadian Elevator Maintenance Company Ltd.

True Canadian Elevator provides maintenance and modernization service for commercial and multi family residential applications. They have served the greater Toronto area for over 10 years.